Sort sol – Spring/Autumn

Sort sol ( Black Sun )

In autumn, huge numbers of migration starlings land in the marshes at the Wadden Sea. They are here to eat themselves thick with food to get ready for the long journey to their winter quarters in England and along the Northwest European. At such time you can observe a fascinating panorama called “Black Sun”.
Hundreds of thousands of starlings turns the sky black when they are circling around creating fascinating formations in the air before they land at dusk in an area covered with reeds. Several starlings descend on the same reed – the uppermost in danger of being caught by a bird of prey, while the lower ones might end with their feet in water.

Some evenings the starlings are especially active “air dancing” by making fast changes of direction and flying around the air before they decide where to settle for the night. This is due to birds of prey nearby – goshawks, falcons or common buzzards. The birds of prey do usually catch many starlings during the air show and the starlings will all start to fly together, trying to scare the birds of prey away by flying towards them or trying to come above them to make a counter attack with vomit and bird droppings which make the birds' feathers sticky so that they can't fly.
Other evenings no birds of prey are nearby. Then the starlings make no “air dances” but descend directly in the reeds.

Our short break stays, gourmet stays and extended weekend stays can be combined with a nice black sun trip in the marshes.

Black Sun guidede bus tour in March/April and September/Oktober 

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